Powering the Hybrid Enterprise

Buttonwood enables enterprises to broker and manage cloud services for informed choice, financial transparency and operational consistency.

Cloud is compelling
but complex

Cloud is disruptive. The business drivers are strong, but the promise of agility and predictability are undermined by competing cloud provider strategies. Proprietary access methods, inconsistent costing models and integration challenges make cloud adoption difficult.


Service Disaggregation

SaaS offers enormous ROI, but challenges exist when trying to manage so many external offerings. Identity, data and user management pose significant challenges to cloud adoption.


Provider Choice

IaaS providers offer thousands of cloud instances across hundreds of regions all at different price points. Enterprises are paying on average >25% more for cloud resources due to this complexity.


Cloud Consumption

Reconciliation of cloud expenditure is often done retrospectively challenging the veracity of the financial reporting process. The lack of financial transparency has stalled many cloud initiatives.



Enterprise has invested heavily in existing people, process and tools. Introducing cloud threatens to bankrupt these investments. Operational consistency is required to enable the hybrid enterprise.

Financial Visibility

BCX enables the shift from a CAPEX to an OPEX model without losing financial visibility.   All cloud consumption is recorded against predetermined cost centres. Reconcile budgets against service, workload or consumer.


Budget Management

Create cloud budgets for service layers (SaaS and IaaS) that can be delegated to managers, groups or individuals.  Through-life reporting provides detailed analytics to ensure both governance and compliance obligations are satisfied.


BYO Applications

Manage and govern existing cloud subscriptions through the Buttonwood Cloud Exchange.  Configure for SSO, User and Application suite based management. Configure App Spend to govern cloud consumption and provide detailed cost projections.


Hours of Operation

Govern cloud usage around the ‘Rule of 12’.  Migrate non-critical workloads to cloud and define an operating window that aligns with business requirements.  Gracefully start/stop cloud workloads outside of hours and save >60% on cloud costs.



Build reusable blueprints simply and easily using our GUI composer. Define Service Level Objectives (SLO) and model deployment options across providers. Deploy and manage through life with detailed performance metrics.


Deployment Profiles

Define deployment profiles that enforce cloud governance at the workload level.  Lock data services to regional providers and ensure ongoing compliance.  Define hours of operation for improved cloud economics and SLO objectives for better business outcomes.


Lowest Cost Conforming Bid (LCCB)

Submit blueprints for deployment using the Lowest Cost Conforming Bid (LCCB) process.  LCCB analyses the workload deployment profile to build a list of compliant cloud end-points.  A final recommendation is made based on best value for money.


Single Sign-on

BCX aggregates all corporate SaaS applications centrally via the secure Workspace. Single sign-on is enabled at the organisation level to federate authentication with Identity services such as ADFS and Azure AD.


Integrated Applications

BCX supports native API integrations with leading SaaS applications such as Office365, Google for Work and Salesforce.  Integrated Applications enable BCX to orchestrate user and product management events from a single pane of glass.


Operational Consistency

BCX empowers organisations to manage their hybrid cloud solution transparently using existing organisational processes and tool sets. Extend the network to public cloud on demand and with consistent security and network policies. Deploy existing SOE templates in the cloud for operational consistency.


How can Buttonwood
Work for me?

I'm an Executive

By 2018, I estimate that my organisation will consume more than 50% of its key business services from the cloud.

This will result in my team needing to manage a broad portfolio of providers and associated SLAs. This complex multi-sourcing arrangement is currently beyond our ability to manage effectively. I worry that cloud, while compelling, won’t deliver the ROI the board is demanding.

The shift to a consumption based model (OPEX) is challenging. We don’t have the controls in place to govern Shadow IT or manage our cloud expenditure. Our internal finance systems are not cloud ready and reconciling cloud bills is incredibly complex.

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I'm a Manager

Our executive is driving a Cloud First strategy but I have concerns about security and compliance.

Our production systems contains sensitive customer information so data sovereignty is a major concern. I would also like to leverage a multi-cloud strategy to help mitigate risk but I am frustrated by vendor lock-in.

My security teams are worried about shifting so many key systems to SaaS based offerings. They feel they no longer have the visibility or control to keep our data safe in the cloud.

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I'm in Operations

I am responsible for meeting all business SLAs across both private and public cloud services.

My manager wants a multi-cloud strategy, but I don’t have the skills or the budget to retrain my staff. The existing support frameworks were built to manage on premise solutions so I lack the transparency needed to effectively support cloud services.

The development teams are demanding greater autonomy. They want to go to cloud but I don’t have a way to control and govern their access. Our teams just don’t understand their requirements.

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I'm a Developer

I want to leverage the agility of cloud to help me transform the way we build and deploy mobile and business applications.

I am rebuilding the way our teams develop and deploy applications using new paradigms such as DevOps and micro services. I am frustrated by how slow the operations team respond to our requests. I need greater autonomy to ensure I meet the delivery timeframes for our new mobile and cloud initiatives.

I want to automate our build environments but I can’t afford to invest in an Enterprise CMP. My teams want to integrate directly with cloud but I want greater platform choice.

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