Release Notes

We are excited to bring you Buttonwood Cloud Analytics so you can understand your cloud spend like never before. With regular updates, you can find the exciting new features of Buttonwood Cloud Analytics with the Cloud Analytics Release Notes.

Tell us what features and charts you want in your Cloud Analytics – contact us.

Coming Soon

The Buttonwood Cloud Analytics was developed to give you the insights to be a Cloud Hero in your organisation.

We are constantly working to update the app with more reports, functionality and interactive dashboards.

To tell us about the information you would like to see through your Cloud Analytics application please contact us.

Current Releases


The most recent release of Buttonwood Cloud Analytics includes new Microsoft Azure Enterprise Agreements support (in preview).


Release 0.9 includes predictive analytics for accounts, deployments and invoices, as well as a new ‘notes’ capability and Vmware billing creation and analytics.


The new User Interface style matches with the rest of the product suite. The Analytics updates also include a provisioning timeline feature and a beautifully designed dashboard homepage.


Release 0.7 brings about a new SSO integration, WS Federation. This also means the removal of SAML. Additional functionality has also been added to Cloud Invoice.


This release is all about updating the User Interface. There have been many design changes, specifically to the “deployments” and “accounts” screens. Automated Azure Bill harvesting has also been integrated to feed into workflow.


Users can now search for invoices and there is integrated invoice analysis. A User Interface has also been included for Broker deployment analytics.


With Analytics 0.2, users get a currency code/exchange rate integration, as well as added cloud resource metrics and support for nicknaming subaccounts.


The first release of Buttonwood Cloud Analytics brings the AWS integration, as well as the charting of cloud account spend and an SSO integration with SAML.

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