Business intelligence, data analysis,
actionable insights

Buttonwood’s Cloud Analytics takes complex data from your cloud providers
and delivers the insight you need to analyse and report on cloud spend for increased efficiency and improve financial transparency.

Optimise Cloud Consumption

A small, daily cost in cloud that the team misses isn't much to worry about. However, over time this cost can create a large expenditure that wasn't necessary. Buttonwood Cloud Analytics optimises and streamlines cloud consumption and spend for efficiency.

  • View your organisations daily and montly spend
  • Report per cloud account and per sub account to delve deeper
  • Data per resource, deployment and type of instance is easily examined through charts
  • Gain enterprise-wide accountability

Unleash your Cloud Potential

Enable data-driven business decisions that improve cloud efficiency and allows you to grow your cloud with confidence. Gain operational insight into your hybrid cloud environment with a solution that supports marketing leading cloud providers.

  • Use Buttonwood Cloud Analytics to understand your cloud spend in a way that makes sense to your organisation and your requirements.
  • Want to track your cloud spend down to an individual? Use Buttonwood Cloud Broker to allocated cloud spend to cost centres and users within the cost centres.

Regain Control over all your Cloud Accounts

Azure? AWS? No matter what accounts you already have in the cloud, you can use Buttonwood Cloud Analytics to track your spend. Manage cloud costs and consumption according to your enterprise business structure.

  • Compare all of your cloud accounts and sub accounts
  • Have choice over where your workloads are deployed and be vendor agnostic
  • Implement cloud control through proactive alerts and reports and define and track budgets for individual business units.
  • Add new accounts as you try new vendors in the future

Make Sense of your Cloud Invoices

Have a look at your recent cloud bill. With hundreds of thousands of rows of content, it is difficult to see what is what and truly understand where your cloud spend is going. Allocate cloud spend to corporately aligned Cost Centres with Analytics. Understand and communicate the true cost of new features.

  • View all of your spend in simple charts that you can drill into
  • Track your deployments and see what your spend is delivering, not just an unexplained line item on a bill
  • View the exchange rate against your bill over time to help make sense of increase and decreases in costs
  • Understand the percentage of cost each resource is consuming (for example, percentage of spend on storage, compute etc.)

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