Release Notes

We are thrilled to bring you the Buttonwood Cloud Broker. With regular updates, you can find the exciting new features of Buttonwood Cloud Broker with the Cloud Broker Release Notes.

Let us know what features you would like added to your Cloud Broker – contact us.

Coming Soon

The Buttonwood Cloud Broker is always one step ahead at planning the plugins and features that you need to be a Cloud Hero in your organisation.

Buttonwood Cloud Broker 3.0 will include the cloud provider plugin through Microsoft Azure. Allowing you to see the Lowest Confirming Bid across both AWS and Azure, the Broker will bring true transparency to cloud.

Additional plugins that will be released include:

  • vmWare
  • Zerto

Additional plans include further cloud native services, advance networking services, storage management expansions and additional policy types. We would like to discuss your specific requirements to ensure they are included in our planning.

Please contact us.

Current Releases


Our most recent release of the Broker includes a Slack integration, as well as improved Azure and AWS plugins. Broker has also been upgraded to Grails 3.0, a full stack web framework.


With this release, Azure, AWS and Networker come fully integrated with the Broker. Users are now also able to disable and terminate a lease once it has expired.


With release 2.0, the Intercloud integration is removed and AWS and Puppet are added as plugins. EMC Networker is also now integrated with the Broker.


The Broker User Interface was redesigned and now has improved performance capabilities. The release also brings advanced deployments options from the Blueprint Composer.


The Broker now comes with alarms and notifications, as well as role based permissions and encrypted settings and passwords.


With this release, Broker now comes with LDAP authentication, ping cloud instances and deploy time parameters. Machine migrations, via Cisco Intercloud, between on premise and layer 2 bubble in the cloud.


The Broker’s new user dashboard gives you more visibility over your cloud deployments. This release also begins our journey to the Lowest Cost Conforming Bid, with region and provider policies added.


With release 0.3 of Broker, users can begin to on-board existing AWS instances. We have also developed a blue print composer, and added an “hours of operation” policy to determine the running time of cloud resources.


In this release, the Broker begins to focus on Costs Centre Management. The release also marks the starts of the Cisco Prime Network Services Controller integration.


This released marks the Broker establishment starting with a Cisco Intercloud Fabric Director Integration, allowing users to create, terminate, PowerOn, PowerOff and reboot workloads.

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