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Buttonwood Cloud Workspace is a defining model for end-user computing in the mobile cloud era. Workspace gives users centralised space to access all their SaaS applications. Organisation administrators can be assured that they have complete control over the management of the applications .

Workspace removes the friction of access so employees can get work done in real time from any device or location, without compromising security.

Buttonwood Cloud Workspace integrates a range of security features to protect your most sensitive information and reduce security risks. Cloud Workspace consistently delivers the trust framework needed to increase productivity and accelerate innovation while ensuring security.

Buttonwood Cloud Workspace ensures you can access all your business critical applications securely from any HTML5 friendly browser. Workspace offers freedom to users in a fast past world with identity access and personalisation transcending every application, across every device.

Workspace ensures organisation administrators have a centralised place to manage all organisational cloud applications while containing shadow IT.

If you received a Buttonwood Cloud Workspace demo, you may want to purchase Cloud Workspace. Simply fill in the Buy Now form and let our team know that you would like to purchase Cloud Workspace.

Your whole organisation will love Buttonwood Cloud Workspace. While some people will log on each morning to access their applications with a single sign on, others will log into the administration side of Buttonwood Cloud Workspace to track the use of the applications, spend and allocate costs against cost centres. To find out how Cloud Workspace can be used in your organisation, read our Use Cases.

Please review the pricing for Buttonwood Cloud Workspace. If you feel that these options don’t reflect your spend or your business, please contact us so that we can look at your requirements specifically.

Buttonwood products offer alerts and notifications when you get to particular milestones set by you. Simply decide on your limitations and be alerted when you are getting close to spending that amount.

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