Increase employee productivity with
frictionless access to cloud applications

Buttonwood’s Cloud Workspace centralises the management of cloud apps and contains Shadow IT to increase employee productivity.

Aggregated User Experience

Workspace is a secure portal where users can access all their cloud applications. There is a tab for their work sanctioned apps such as Office365, Salesforce, and ServiceNow, and a tab for their personal apps including banking, social media or travel. Apps can be assigned and revoked centrally streamlining asset management and cloud costs.

  • Access all your apps through one screen on desktop, mobile or tablet
  • Federated identity management for single sign-on to corporate applications
  • Only authorised users can access data

Choose Your Apps

Workspace provides access to thousands of applications from leading SaaS providers. Organisations can use the integrated applications for their business needs and users can bring their own applications for personal use. Workspace also has an integrated Marketplace where users can search for apps that suit your organisation’s requirements.

  • Choose an integrated application to enable additional features
  • Add any app to your workspace - work related or personal
  • Report on all apps and their usage
Manage applications

Manage All Users

Federated identity management allows you to control user identities across applications. Integrated for Single Sign On (SSO), Workspace ensures intelligent user management, without needing to remember multiple user details. Integrating with your choice of directory, Buttonwood's Cloud Exchange makes user management easier than ever before.

  • Provision new licenses
  • Report on user activity to see dormant licenses
  • Deprovision licenses that aren’t being used
  • Move licenses from one user to another
Buttonwood Cloud Exchange User Management

Strengthen Your Security

Protect your business critical applications and reduce security risks. Enforce access decisions based on a range of conditions including authentication strength and device compliance. Workspace's powerful policy controls ensure that IT can protect against compromised devices.

  • Make it easy for employees to access compliant applications
  • Delegate control of applications to govern shadow IT
  • Secure access to applications through SSO and multi factor authentication
  • Allow use of SaaS on every device including mobiles and tablets through secure app access

Track your Subscription Management

Model subscription services including contract term and payment methods for increased financial control to meet budget requirements with increased accuracy.

  • Set your budget to ensure costs don’t exceed expectations
  • Report on SaaS consumption by cost centre, showing the application spend by business team
  • Coming soon: Allocate app licenses to different business lines

Understand your SaaS Consumption

Workspace is integrated with all leading identity providers to enable intelligent user management Any user or group created will trigger account creation, activation and application provisioning.

  • Real-time reporting through your dashboard
  • Deep dive into user activity, application utilisation and login activity

Hassle Free App Management

Buttonwood developed the Cloud Workspace to be the only solution needed for SaaS management. We know how much work goes into app administration, license management and budget reporting. Now you can have an solution to rule them all!

The best part is that working with Buttonwood you will have complete support from our team. We offer a range of flexible support levels over and above what is offered by SaaS application providers.

  • Access to technical support through our online help centre
  • Customer service contact and support phone line
  • Quick, case severity response times
  • An online community for discussions and help

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