Buttonwood Cloud Exchange 2.2.

Offering a  complete 360° approach to cloud management, Buttonwood allows IT and business to work together to simplify their transition to cloud.

Achieve Cloud Success Today.

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This is Andrew.

Andrew has taken full control of his organisation’s cloud services, reducing risk and creating operational consistency.

He’s becoming a Cloud Hero.

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This is Michelle.

Michelle can now track, forecast and manage her organisation’s cloud spend, create efficiencies and reduce costs.

She’s becoming a Cloud Hero.

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This is Claire.

Claire now has access to technology thanks to the charity Tech 2 Kids.

She’s becoming a Cloud Hero.

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Become your
Cloud Hero

with Buttonwood Cloud Exchange

Buttonwood Cloud Exchange (BCX) is a unified cloud management platform, that offers unprecedented financial transparency across multi-cloud environments. With BCX, you can become a Cloud Hero by taking ownership of your cloud environment with confidence, ensuring you have the right capabilities to contribute to your organisation’s success.

Maximise your
Cloud investment

Cloud Broker


Deliver multi-cloud services with ease. Rapidly model complex cloud services and orchestrate private and public cloud workloads with policy-based control.

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Cloud Exchange


Aggregate cloud applications for complete control. Increase productivity without increasing security risks with Multi-Factor Authentication, conditional access and policy-based app delivery.

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Cloud Analytics


Analyse multi-cloud spend for financial transparency. Visualise your consolidated cloud usage in one easy to use portal and project cloud usage and budget with confidence.

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Everything you need to
Become a cloud hero

Ready to become a cloud leader and productive change agent within your organisation? All you need is your Cloud Hero toolkit.


Powerful and intelligent software

Buttonwood’s software is proudly developed and supported in Australia by our talented team. Our experience makes your journey to cloud easier.

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Support and partnership

We are here as your partner, to give you cloud support, help you lead your organisation, and manage your cloud consumption.

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Reporting, analysis and insights

Optimise your business practices to create efficiencies, share ideas and strive to improve your business outcomes.

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