Cloud Broker – Overview

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Simplify Your Multi-cloud Management

Manage your hybrid cloud infrastructure with confidence to become your organisation’s Cloud Hero. Buttonwood’s Cloud Broker simplifies multi-cloud consumption by intelligently brokering cloud workloads. From blueprint to production, workloads can be automated, modeled, provisioned and managed across multiple cloud providers.


Develop reusable cloud blueprints that incorporate powerful native services and integrate with leading technologies to deliver policy based outcomes.


Drive down cost with one management platform for all your cloud workloads, through cost centres and budgets to federate cloud control and spend.


Transform IT into a broker of outcomes with increased cloud choice, financial visibility and control to eliminate cloud sprawl with fine grained policies.


Ensure your organisation is never vulnerable to compliance, security or financial risks, while increasing flexibility to enable innovation.

Buttonwood's Cloud Broker reduces the risk and effort of controlling cloud services, through automated processes. Multi-layered governance policies can be applied to control aspects such as provider choice or location, hours of operation and sizing. Through blueprint capabilities your cloud services are repeatable, consistent and controlled for every deployment.


Choose the right cloud services based on your business needs, not their contracts.

With Buttonwood's Cloud Broker, you have the ability to make the choices that are right for your organisation, your requirements, your governance policies and for each individual workload. Broker supports leading virtualisation and public cloud providers to help you maintain flexibility ensuring your cloud services are consumed efficiently and consistently managed across multiple providers without risking vendor lock-in.


Maintain operational consistency by ensuring all deployments in cloud are based on approved blueprints with compliant policies in place.

With Buttonwood Cloud Broker, policies for regulatory and security compliance requirements can be automatically assigned to your blueprints when they are designed. You can quickly deploy workloads with one click; a process that would take days in the past can now be achieved in minutes without risk of non-compliance, bringing flexibility and agility to your cloud environments.

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