Cloud Exchange – Overview

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Frictionless access to all your cloud apps

Gain control of applications to become your organisation’s Cloud Hero. Buttonwood’s Cloud Exchange aggregates corporate cloud applications into one user-friendly workplace. Inbuilt Lifecycle Management streamlines user onboarding with automated account activation, application provisioning and policy enforcement.


Configure cloud applications whenever a new app is needed by the business. Cloud Exchange provides access to thousands of applications with an integrated marketplace.


Automatically assign and revoke all Apps centrally, streamlining asset management. Provision legacy applications for frictionless access from any device, anywhere.


Implement policies to protect critical services and report on app usage and costs in near real time to gain increased financial visibility and control across all applications.


Buttonwood's Cloud Exchange reduces the risk and effort of controlling cloud applications in your organisation. Cloud spend can be established for each application and allocated to cost centres when provisioned, bringing financial transparency to what has been near impossible to govern in the past.

With identity and access management capabilities, end users are provided with a seamless SaaS experience without increasing security or compliance risks for their organisation. Cloud Exchange integrates a range of security features to protect your business critical data while delivering the trust framework needed to increase employee productivity.


Buttonwood's Cloud Exchange supports hundreds of pre-integrated applications, with new ones being added every week. Our marketplace offers you a range of both business and personal applications that can be added to your Cloud Exchange. If your application isn't available from our Marketplace we will do our best to integrate it for you.

Cloud Exchange users are able to bring their own devices, giving you the freedom to choose your device, whether its corporate or personally owned.


Every new cloud application requires user identity and access management, data protection and security management. Often the business teams in an organisation will set up their own application licences and expect the IT team to manage the app once help is needed.

Buttonwood's Cloud Exchange allows all staff to access their apps through Single Sign-On (SSO), while the IT team can control cloud identity and access, on boarding and off boarding with policy based control. Reviewing the rich data from the Buttonwood Cloud Exchange, your organisation can understand the 'true' investment in cloud.

** All functionality is dependent on the individual application.

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