Release Notes

Buttonwood Cloud Exchange is updated so regularly it was just updated as you read this!

However, we will always let you know here if there has been an improvement, new feature or new integration that you should know about. Make sure you keep checking back on our Exchange Release Notes, so you don’t miss anything exciting!

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Exchange Road map

The Buttonwood team are always planning new integrations and features to ensure the Cloud Exchange fulfills all of your SaaS management needs.

Below you will find our road map for new features and improvements to Cloud Exchange.

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Current Releases

With the release of Buttonwood Cloud Exchange 2.2 comes several new governance features, including delegations, groups and budget reservations.


An organisation can now establish a list of authorised owners and managers of Cost Centres and Budgets respectively. A user with delegation authority can be limited by the amount they able to budget or manager to ensure strong governance.


Applications can now be assigned to Groups to enable Auto Provisioning of services when a user first activates their account. Groups can be established manually or via SCIM integration with leading IdPs such as AzureAD, Okta and Ping.

Reporting / Dashboards

Improvements have been made in the reporting of Financial data on the Dashboards including Projected Spend and Deployment health.

Budget Reservations

Budget Administrators are now able to better manage cloud spend with the introduction of Reservations. A Reservations can be manually created against an active budget to better manage consumption and enable granular control.

Reservations are now requested by the Broker as part of the Deploying process. If Budget is available, then a Reservation is automatically created. This avoids the possibility of Budget Overcommit.

Reservations will span multiple Budget periods and support the re-allocation of a Deployment to a different Cost Centre.

SCIM Integration

Cloud Exchange now supports SCIM integration for User and Group creation. When a new user or group Is added to the associated IdP, such as AzureAD, the event will be automatically replicated to the Buttonwood Identity Store. This SCIM event will then trigger a Lifecycle event to ADD/REMOVE applications from a user as defined by Group membership.

EMS Integration BETA

To enable Mobile management, the Exchange has been integrated with Microsoft Intune to govern application services from a single control point. EMS will be supported by SCIM and Lifecycle events for better cloud control.

Buttonwood is proud to launch Buttonwood Cloud Exchange in Preview Mode!

You can now explore your own Cloud Exchange environment, add your own apps and invite your team to create their own workplace.

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