Increase employee productivity with
frictionless access to cloud applications

Buttonwood’s Cloud Exchange centralises the management of cloud apps and contains Shadow IT to increase employee productivity.

Manage All Users

With integrated Single Sign On from leading Identity providers including AzureAD, OKTA and Ping, Buttonwood Cloud Exchange ensures a seamless experience for management and end users. Users gains one touch access to thousands of mobile and web applications without having to remember multiple passwords.

Exchange is integrated with:

  • AzureAD Sync
  • Okta
  • Ping
Manage All Users - Cloud Exchange - Buttonwood

Control Access to the Cloud

Cloud Exchange is integrated with leading IdP to enable intelligent user management. Enable day one productivity for all users by automating the provisioning of user accounts. Prevent compromised credentials with Multi-Factor Authentication for every user and every resource.

Feel secure with Exchange's:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Automated user provisioning and workflows
  • Shared business critical applications

Strengthen Your Security

Protect your business critical applications and reduce security risks. Enforce access decisions based on a range of conditions including authentication strength and device compliance. Cloud Exchange's powerful policy controls ensure that IT can protect against compromised devices.

  • Make it easy for employees to access compliant applications
  • Delegate control of applications to govern shadow IT
  • Secure access to applications through SSO and multi factor authentication
  • Allow use of SaaS on every device including mobiles and tablets through secure app access
Strengthen Your Security - Multi Cloud Management - Buttonwood

Drive Governance with Policies

Cloud Exchange allows your IT team to automate application distribution as required. Security policy point placed between consumers and providers, using the Cloud Access Security Broker integration, ensures access to cloud resources is controlled by the enterprise security policies. This virtualisation technology, combined with automation capabilities helps improve security and compliance.

With Cloud Exchange you will get:

  • Cloud Access Security Broker Integrations
  • Policy Based App Delivery
Drive Governance with Policies - Multi Cloud Management Platform - Buttonwood

Understand your Cloud Consumption

Exchange shows model subscription services including contract terms and payment methods for increased financial control. By improving visibility of cloud consumption and expenditure you can project budgetary requirements and business needs.

With Cloud Exchange you can:

  • Manage Cost Centres
  • Delegate Budgets to Users
  • Create Alerts and Reports
  • Manage all your SaaS Subscriptions
Understand your Cloud Consumption - Cloud Exchange - Buttonwood

Hassle Free App Management

Buttonwood developed the Cloud Exchange to be the only solution needed for SaaS management. We know how much work goes into app administration, license management and budget reporting. Now you can have an solution to rule them all!

The best part is that working with Buttonwood you will have complete support from our team. We offer a range of flexible support levels over and above what is offered by SaaS application providers.

  • Access to technical support through our online help centre
  • Team Training
  • Email and In-App Help
  • An online community for discussions and help
Hassle Free App Management - Multi Cloud Management - Buttonwood

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